Leaving school during lunch

I think students should be able to leave school during their lunch period and get lunch somewhere else. If the staff is allowed to leave I think the students should be able to as well.

My school has three places to eat that are very near by and in walking distance. There is a Certified, my grandpa’s pizza shop called Bella’s Pizza, and Little Caesars. As long as we leave and arrive back to school at a decently scheduled time, it would make sense for us to have that privilege. We could get a paper that tells us the places we are permitted to go.

Some of the rules we could have to make leaving during lunch better is for one, if you have any Fs, you should not be able to leave. Also if you have had any serious punishment in that year such as suspension, you should not be able to leave. If you come back late three different days after lunch because you left, then you shouldn’t be able to leave again that year.

It would be nice for students to be independent for one part of the day. We should be allowed to have a break from school and the very crowded and very noisy lunchroom. There could be a contract made that students and their guardians have to sign to agree to be respectful at the food places and to not break any of the rules set for leaving.

Here are some websites that say a bit more on the topic-